NaviGuide Analytics System

NaviGuide Analytics helps to understand the visitors’ behavior inside shopping malls and stores. The system provides detailed statistics and graphic reports on the necessary metrics such as a percentage of new visitors, the most visiting places inside the building, the places of the longest and shortest duration of visits, etc.

All the statistics collects in real-time and displays in graphic visualization in web interface.

Advertising campaigns monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the key marketing campaign metrics to define the meeting of the campaign targets, level of customer engagement, consumers’ profiles.

Heat maps

You can easily define the most visiting indoor places (stores and other areas)

Indoor routes

Maps illustrate the most popular indoor traffic routes

Duration of visits

You will know the how much time the visitors spend in various places inside your mall or store

Frequency of visits

You will also know how often the consumers visits different places inside your mall or store


Get to know how many visitors enters your store or passes by

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