Key Features

The NaviGuide SDK integrates with your mobile app and expands its functionality. Create personalized marketing campaigns based on your visitors indoor location.

NaviGuide Cloud provides you with real-world consumer behavior analytics which helps to grow conversion rate and ARPU, to increase number of purchases and items and to improve customer experience.

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Indoor location-based customer data as messaging triggers

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Customer segmentation to create personalized offers with CRM

Use profound customer segmentation to develop efficient comunication strategy with each consumer, regardless of whether he's online or offline. Create contextual-based advertising campaigns using personal behavior patterns.

Multi-channel communication

Create personalized communications with your consumers using multi-channel message delivery via app push, sms, email
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Powerful analytic inventory

Graphical reports on clients indoor behavior allow to visulaize conversion and other key metrics
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Quick and easy campaign launching and real-time management in web GUI

Create and manage advertizing campaigns settings in real-time with NaviGuide Cloud

Open API for 3rd party services and mobile apps integration

Indoor maps creating and management

Draw detailed multifloor map of your shopping mall, pin the entrances and exits, all shops, lounge zones, catering areas, etc

Quick and easy integration with NaviGuide SDK

Import NaviGuide SDK with just a couple of code lines inserted in your system. We provide iOS and Android SDK
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Consumer behavior and other events

You can set up the events as the triggers for sending messages in your marketing campaign

Entering iBeacon or GPS zone

Exiting iBeacon or GPS zone

Any user action in mobile app

External events

The event triggers when a visitor enters the specified map zone inside or outside the building
The event triggers when a visitor leaves the specified map zone inside or outside the building
Visitor pushes "Like" button in the mobile app or shares content, etc
Start of sales, arrival of new collections, etc

Types of call-to-action communication

Visitors receive different types of messages depending on customer behavior inside or outside and marketing campaign targets

Display image

The image displays on the mobile phone screen after the specified event occurs. NaviGuide Cloud allows uploading different images for various devices.

Present coupon

Consumers will receive different coupons for various places using Wallet mobile app.

Display video

Display video about the product. Just upload the video file in NaviGuide Cloud

Open surveys

Launch geo-targeted personalized customer surveys to discover the level of services or products satisfaction.

Open URL

Send URL to your visitors to quickly open the link in the inbuilt browser in mobile app or in the default browser.


Send push-notifications to your customers even if the currently don't use your mobile app.

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